Are Tokenexus Safe?

Tokenexus scam

You should think twice before trusting the positive reviews on this page. Think three times before actually using them. Become a verified brand rep for Zulily and amplify your brand’s voice on Knoji.

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do not order these. Ordered their so-called forex leather boots — two pairs of them — and they were NOT leather.

One of the two will not pair no matter what I try and the case shows that it will not charge past 68%. Sent two emails to Tokenexus to try to get help or get a replacement.

If there was a zero or a minus 10 that’s what I would choose. Do not ever waste your time or money with this store. It has now taken them a month and a half to just process my order. Now I get to wait for the shipping process. I’ve tried to speak to a manager but when you call, they say to send an email and disconnect the call.

As we have broken down to you during the chat with our customer support service, Tokenexus is indicating the time approximately needed for the exchange. The forex brokers data is based on the swap time and the API information provided on the partner’s side. Not sure if that’s the usual experience, but it seems that way.

I have not received 2 of my recent orders. It already took quite awhile to receive orders before Covid-19.

I declined and then they told me I would have to send them back to China although the shipping label said they were from tokenexus reviews California. They were shipped inside a plastic shipping bag and the boots were in another celophane bag inside.

No – Tokenexus does not offer plus sizes. We researched this on June 14, 2019, and at that time Tokenexus was offering curvaceous options. No – Tokenexus does not offer website security & privacy.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please write to us in the comment box and please also give us your valuable feedback. In the tokenexus reviews market right now there are so many companies making wireless Tokenexus, and they promote their product same as Tokenexus ear-buds.

They are paying for people to write fake reviews btw, so if you see all those 4/5 star reviews in succession, these aren’t legit buyers, it’s a ruse. It’s too bad I cannot give this zero stars. I wish I had read reviews prior to placing an order back in April 4th 2020. I have contacted their “customer service” department multiple times and still have not received an acceptable response. These wire-less earplugs are very much reliable and actually be trusted for all the promises it makes.

  • Btw, the number is , in case you need it.
  • And so I went to the email I received from the company, and sure enough, there was their toll-free phone number.
  • I called it and immediately, within 30 seconds, I got an answer.

We researched this on November 26, 2019, and at that time Tokenexus was offering cruelty-free policies. Yes – Tokenexus does offer social media pages. As of June 30, 2019, Tokenexus was offering social media presence on their website. Yes – Tokenexus does offer contact information.

Yes – Tokenexus does offer free shipping. As of June 15, 2019, Tokenexus was offering free shipping policies on their website. No – Tokenexus does not offer birthday discounts. We researched this on June 14, 2019, and at that time Tokenexus was offering birthday discount policies. No – Tokenexus does not offer military discounts.

Can I Get My Money Back If I’M Not Satisfied With My Swablue Purchase?

Now you’re more likely to not get them at all. Contacted Zulily customer service and they appear to care less about this issue.

Started a case with PayPal since I bought them through PayPal. I sent an bittrex email back that that would be fine and I closed the case with PayPal.

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When called phone associates always asked for my name when I gave them my order number, which should have shown on their screen. They did not ask the questions, that any business establishment would be attentive to .

The Tokenexus Tokenexus Reviews that the site showcases are obviously cherry picked, if not made up. If you look online scammed by tokenexus at other reviews for this product, they aren’t nearly as positive. And that’s if you can even find other reviews.

Now I’m not difficult to please, so I didn’t mind waiting 1 and 1/2 months for my Tokenexus to arrive. And now that they are here, I absolutely love them. I’ve never had wireless earphones before .

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Which fake Airpod is best?

The TicPods Free are arguably the best fake AirPods on the market. These buds pack plenty of functionality into an AirPods-esque design and offer up to 18 hours via bundled charging case. We found the touch controls to be intuitive and responsive for seamless playback and call management.

I do not want to raise a dispute with the bank but if I dont have clarification from this company I will have to. It is very very frustrating for a customer. You should have a direct link to customer service via phone and email. I am still waiting for this company to contact me. It is impossible to access the unique code they give you and there is no direct email or link to customer service.