Meet The Team

“Organizations exist only for one purpose: to help people reach ends together that
they couldn’t achieve individually.”
-Robert H. Waterman

Elijah Angote – Founder & CEO

Originally from Kenya Eli plans on disrupting the mobile notary experience after a seasoned sales career across corporate America. A consummate entrepreneur and culture buff, Eli has a penchant for bridging worlds and creating harmony out of chaos. He holds a degree in Spanish and is an avid traveler.

Eddy Ruiz – Operations Manager, Notary Public

Eddy grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and proudly serves in the US MarineCorps. He brings his military grade discipline and logistics savvy to the organization as our Operations Manager. Eddy is wrapping up his degree in Accounting at CSU Eastbay and plays with his band when he’s not taking part in marine field exercises.

Joe P. Perez – Account Executive, Notary Public

Joe is our Account Executive and resident notary public. He has a passion for all things legal and recently obtained his paralegal certificate while wrapping up his Criminal Justice degree. When he is not making things move at TheBestNotary he volunteers with the local police division.

Cassie Zhou – Account Executive, Accounting Specialist

Cassie watches our finances and the bottom line. She hails from Beijing China and has degrees in English and Accounting. A soon to be mom of two, she balances family and work without breaking a sweat.

Dai Lu – Account Executive & Scheduler

Dai originally hails from Vietnam and has a degree in Organizational Psychology. If you call our toll free hotline early in the morning you will be greeted by his friendly voice. He is an avid basketball fan and can rattle off impressive little known facts about just any major league team.

Alex Gonzalez – Account Executive, Notary Public

Alex is our resident Account Executive and soon to be Notary Public, is a trueblue born and raised San Francisco resident.He majored in Music and Performing Arts with a focus on Social Justice and enjoys Muay Thai when he’s not crooning err smoothing things out for our esteemedclients.

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.”
-Japanese Proverb