A Brief Company History


A true-to-life Bay Area start-up, TheBestNotary.net had its humble beginnings as “The
Best Bay Area Notary” in our founder Eli’s garage where he moonlighted as a notary while
working full time in the world of high finance.


Eli envisions a reliable mobile notary company that would truly be available 24 hours a
day to meet the needs of today’s non-stop economy.


Eli quickly builds a reputation as one of the few notaries who answered his phone even
well after midnight and received rave reviews on Yelp to that effect.


Outgrowing its Bay Area roots, TheBestNotary.net quickly grows its network across the
Pacific North-west; partnering up with qualified and experienced notaries in Nevada,
Oregon, Arizona and Washington.


With a passion for customer service and excellence, it was not long before TheBestNotary.net was dispatching notaries to individuals and companies in Chicago, Dallas and Miami.


TheBestNotary.net expands its services to the entire US. With access to over 40,000 notaries the organization is able to cater to anyone who needs a prompt, reliable notary. From Maui to Maine, we have your back.